Sms Outlet: The Principle Of Operation, Types And Review Of The Best Outlets With Gsm Control

Smart devices that provide a comfortable environment for human life fill the house, office, and summer cottage. They help control certain processes, take over some of the functions, reducing the amount of daily hassle. For example, the SMS socket with GMS control itself turns off the equipment at the scheduled time.

We offer to get acquainted with the principle of operation, device and peculiarities of the smart socket. With us you will learn how to use the smart appliance correctly. We will tell you about the types popular among consumers and advise you how to choose competently.

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  • What is an sms outlet?
    • Design of the device
    • SMS Controlled devices
  • Smart device usage
    • GSM Controlled device working principle
    • GSM device installation
    • Rules for GSM socket
    • SMS socket usage
  • Such features to choose the device
  • Conclusions and useful video on the subject

What is an sms socket?

The time has come when you no longer have to leave your keys with your neighbor when you go on vacation/business trip. Now it is possible to control the temperature in the apartment, office or vacation home with a smart device - the SMS socket.

It not only reacts to temperature changes, but also notifies the owner by sending a corresponding message.

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The socket, controlled by SMS or phone call, contains a SIM card with the pin code request disabled. The devices can be programmed by SMS commands

Sockets with the possibility to switch on/off electrical equipment by SMS message or call are available as surface-mounted and surface-mounted. Overhead are reminiscent of the usual adapters

If the SMS sockets are installed permanently, the wiring is redone. The location and number of outlets are planned, and for the control in the switchboard or in the house put the controller

When it is desired to form a control system of several power points, one master socket is used, in which the SIM-card is inserted. It is connected to the slave sockets of the category \"slave\", which can be up to 10-15 pieces

In most models of SMS-sockets initially integrated temperature sensor. But in addition to maintaining the temperature mode, this device can close the curtains, turn off the TV and other electrical equipment, slowly dim the lights

SMS outlets are one of the main components of the organization of space on the scheme of \"smart home\". Scenarios and functions can be selected through mobile applications created specifically for these devices

Stationary installed SMS outlets are suitable for controlling equipment located outdoors. They turn on and off fountains, irrigation systems, holiday or standard lighting, and so on

Hanging versions of smart outlets do not require planning their location, can be easily moved into any room, the Smart Outlets

The SMS Outlet Principle

Hanging models of the SMS Outlets

Installable SMS Outlet in the Smart House

Use of Master and Slave Outlets

Implementation of multi-functional control scenarios

SMS Outlets in the Smart HouseSMS Outlets in the Smart House Master and Slave The sockets in the \"smart house\"

Management of the electrical equipment within the house

SMS devices in the garage heating control

Device design

Multi models stand out among the wide range of sockets, GSM controllable models stand out from the rich assortment of outlets. They are one of the smart devices, designed to make people's lives more comfortable.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Sending commands and receiving answers from any distance - as long as the gsm connection is present

So if the power suddenly goes out in the country, the socket assistant sends an SMS to the owner about the event. There are models that provide a backup power supply in such a case. And this is not all the features of the outlets, controlled by SMS.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

To remotely control the SMS socket, the simplest cell phone with a working SIM card (+)

The GSM controlled socket is a device which visually resembles an adapter. Its appearance is quite presentable. This device from any manufacturer looks stylish and neat - you can safely use it in any interior.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

A variety of models from different manufacturers allows you to choose the most stylish version for your interior

The GSM controlled device has the following components:

  • the housing;
  • internal components;
  • additional sensors.

The body of a smart device of this type, regardless of the manufacturer, is made of high-quality plastic. This material can withstand high temperatures. But it will not protect the internal contents against moisture at all.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

The operating temperature and humidity level that the device can withstand is indicated by the manufacturers in the instructions

The majority of SMS outlets have an IP20 protection class. Therefore it is strongly forbidden to include such models if there is a possibility of water sprinkling, dust or direct sunlight.

In the front part of the case there is a grounding plug and at least 3 indicators that signalize:

  • the power supply to the socket itself;
  • the GSM link;
  • the output power.

Depending on the model, there may be other indications whose function is described in the enclosed instructions. There are devices controlled both by SMS and via the Internet. Here the Wi-Fi indicator is indispensable.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

The number of lights indicating the particular processes happening to the SMS socket depends on the model and manufacturer

From the back of the case is the plug to connect the network, a slot for the SIM card of the mobile operator closed by the cover and possible additional buttons or switches.

The manual control button for the instrument, the input for additional sensors and the service connector for data exchange may be located on the side or on the front side. This depends entirely on the modification and fancy of the designer.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

A mandatory component of the gsm models is the sim card slot. Its location is defined by the designer

The internal content of the SMS sockets also depends on the model and its features. Mandatory for SMS controlled models is the presence of a GSM module. Some versions have a built-in battery, temperature sensor or other function modules.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

The number of built-in components and modules and sensors depends on the functionality of the smart device

often additional sensors - temperature, humidity, motion, noise level and others are included. Depending on the model, these sensors can be either physically connected to the device or proximity sensors.

Wishing to make a smart home, besides the SMS wall sockets, the smart switches are the only devices that are fully described in this article.

SMS Controlled device types

Makers of remote controlled sockets please their customers with new and more advanced models. They keep the best features and add more useful features to the upgraded versions. And technological progress dictates its own terms.

All the SMS outlets on the market differ from each other in terms of functionality, appearance, number of controlled sockets, power, control method, number of slave devices and cost.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Any remote control device is necessarily supplied in an individual package. It comes with an instruction manual with the technical characteristics and features of the setting and control of this model and a warranty card

Depending on the number of functions performed and the available control methods, the price of the device will also vary. The more sophisticated and advanced models are much more expensive than their reasonable GSM control channel counterparts.

In terms of control, the SMS outlets are:

  • with or without manual control option;
  • with control via SMS and phone calls;
  • with an additional control channel via Wi-Fi.

The models with all the 3 control options are the most convenient.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

If several electrical appliances are to be connected in the same room, the best choice would be an SMS socket with 3 or more sockets

SMS controlled sockets come in various types:

  • a network extension cord where each socket can be controlled separately;
  • a controller block with terminals mounted on a DIN rail. It is also often called GSM socket as it has 3, 6 or more lines controlled by SMS;
  • single socket in the form of an adapter with one socket for connecting one device;
  • single device or unit with sockets for connecting 3 or more devices having a universal socket for different types of plugs.

A unit with terminals is hardly a full socket as it has a completely different look and mounting method. This GSM controller allows the control of the devices connected to the monitored lines.

It is absolutely incorrect to call it an SMS socket. It has to be connected to a normal socket first and then it is possible to control its operation by means of GSM communication.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

The GSM unit with terminals is designed for a bigger maximum load than the independent sockets. This allows the control of a group of more powerful appliances

Depending on the control version, the following are distinguished:

  • independent models;
  • controlling or still called master sockets;
  • subordinate - slave sockets.

The master socket can control up to 10 slave models. These require a single SIM card, as the slave models receive commands from the master via a Wi-Fi channel.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Master+slave set is suitable for controlling appliances in different rooms or on different floors

All the different types and operating features of the remote control outlets can be found in the article we recommend you to read.

Peculiarities of using a smart device

Having an SMS controlled device at home, you can turn off the lights without getting out of bed, or turn on the coffee machine while in the bathroom. The socket receives a command in an SMS message and turns the appliance on or off accordingly.

This is not all its features. For example, you can program the watering of your garden when the temperature and humidity are lower or higher than indicated.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

You can surprise your friends by activating the coffee machine a few minutes before you return home. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee spreading through the apartment will not leave your guests indifferent

GSM controlled device working principle

Smart device, clearly following the received commands, is in high demand at the socket market. After all, there are countless applications - not only at home, but also at the cottage and in the office. You don't have to be around for that. It is enough to have a stable GSM connection of the required mobile operator.

A command received in the SMS message from the owner causes automatic closing/opening of the power supply circuit by the inner GSM relay of the socket. It sends a response to the homeowner about the execution of the command. It is also possible to send a command by making a call to the mobile number of the sim card installed in the socket.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Some gsm models may additionally have an alarm keychain that can be used as an alarm button

Right installation of SMS device

Comparing the socket with other smart brothers, you can highlight its easy setup and connection. A person unfamiliar with wiring and having no special tools or skills can cope with its installation.

First of all, even before buying the smart device, you should make sure that there is a stable GSM connection in the house where it will be installed. Then you have to buy a SIM card of the mobile operator and the outlet itself. It is necessary to check that the tariff plan provides for sending and receiving messages.

Next, refill the account of the purchased card and disable the password or pin-code request at login. Now, after studying the instructions that come with the SMS socket, insert the SIM card into the corresponding slot. It remains to install the appliance in its working place.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Installation of the SMS socket with terminals requires the use of specific tools and the application of knowledge (+)

In order to use the SMS socket you insert the plug in a regular socket which is to be connected to the electrical appliance requiring remote control. After being connected to the mains a light lamp lights up to indicate this event.

That's it - the installation of the SMS command device is finished.

Regulation of the GSM socket

When the socket is connected to the mains, the requested parameters must be adjusted. To do this it is necessary to check if the GSM module is working - the corresponding indicator light should be on. Now you have to assign the sim card number to the device following the instructions for the purchased socket.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

The correct connection of the sensors and the setting of the socket control are described in detail in the manufacturer's instructions

The programming of the socket differs in every model. Everything will depend on the manufacturer's firm, on whether the socket is independent or a master+slave set.

In order to correctly set the desired parameters for a particular device, it is necessary to study in detail the accompanying manufacturer's instructions. This is important, because the sockets of different companies are not set in the same way. Also, depending on the number of functions and additional sensors to be performed, the number of tasks defined for the device will differ.

Specific use of the SMS device

For the SMS controlled socket to work most effectively, certain rules for its use must be observed.

First, the specifications must be carefully studied, paying particular attention to the maximum allowable load. After all, if a heater consuming 3 kW is plugged into a socket designed for 1.5 kW, it will fail and burn out.

To protect yourself and your relatives, you should not exceed the maximum value that SMS sockets are capable of withstanding. Most often, this type of device is designed for 3-3.5 kW, rarely you will find one for 5 kW. This characteristic is necessarily contained in the instructions.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Some manufacturers indicate the maximum allowable load on the back of the socket, next to the plug

Secondly, such sockets cannot be connected outdoors, near a stove or washbasin. Water and dust will cause them to malfunction. And exposure to too high temperatures can cause internal components to explode.

The operating temperature of these devices varies from -20 to +99 degrees. These values may vary depending on the model, but throwing any SMS outlet into the fire is not allowed.

Third, each model is capable of receiving commands from a certain number of control numbers. This depends on the individual technical features of each socket. In order to prevent the response to calls and messages from unknown callers, it is necessary to enter the desired numbers in the internal memory.

Some models of SMS outlets have protection against accidental calls and spam messages. They have the function of receiving and responding only to those subscribers whose numbers are entered in the internal memory. All others will be ignored. It is a pity that not all outlets have such features.

Fourthly, if a set of main and slave outlets is used, you should not forget about the maximum and minimum distances for their location from each other. These values are specified by the manufacturer in the list of specifications for the appliance. Otherwise nothing will work.

Fifth, a good GSM operator coverage is mandatory. Without a quality connection, remote control from a cell phone is impossible.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

Some models of smart outlets do not support control via SMS. Special mobile applications are used to send commands and monitor their execution

Sixth, if there are external sensors, the commands must be correctly set up using the manufacturer's instructions, so that the socket is triggered as the user needs it.

Properties for selecting the device

Selecting an SMS controlled socket for your home, you must define the basic criteria it must meet. So, it is important to decide exactly what functions it will perform, because its cost will directly depend on this.

You should also immediately decide how many and what kind of outlets you need to buy. It will be a block in the form of an extension cord to connect a group of appliances in one room, a master+slave set to place in different rooms or a single model.

If you just want to experiment with the capabilities of an ordinary SMS socket, checking how it turns on and off the heater or electric kettle/iron, then it will be enough to buy an inexpensive model with minimal capabilities. There is no point in overpaying for additional sensors and other \"gadgets\".

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Power surge shutdown

Manage the equipment in the absence of the owners

Energy saving device

SMS controlled outlet temperature sensor

In case when it is planned to leave the GSM controlled socket in a smart home to control the autonomous heating system and notify about power failures, it is better to pay attention to models equipped with a back-up battery.

Battery capacity can vary dramatically - you have to choose the one that suits the individual requirements of the particular consumer.

Smart socket is not necessary for owners of GSM-modules for boilers. The article we offer details the process of controlling the equipment from a distance.

This is a good option that will allow the socket to work uninterruptedly for several hours from its own power source in case of a power outage. It will not only be able to send an emergency notification of what has happened, but will also have time to turn on backup batteries, if such are installed in a particular country house.

Also, if you plan to use SMS outlets according to a specific schedule, drawn up for a week/month ahead, you should choose models with non-volatile memory. So that the temporary absence of electricity does not disrupt the pre-planned schedule.

One of the important criteria in selecting an SMS controlled outlet is its maximum operating load. Here you have to consider the power consumption of the appliance that will be connected through it. If a GSM controlled outlet is purchased, the maximum permitted load for each channel and the total load for the appliance should be taken into account.

SMS outlet: the principle of operation, types and review of the best outlets with GSM control

SMS sockets with universal plugs for different plugs can be a real boon if you have appliances purchased in different countries in the house. So, you don't have to buy an extra adapter to use it at home

Categorically do not exceed the maximum value indicated in the appliance instructions. It is better if a power reserve of 30% is left.

Additional sensors and functions affect the increase in the cost of GSM outlets. But at the same time they allow you to create additional conditions for comfortable operation without much effort. For example, a built-in microphone and motion sensor can detect the presence of intruders in the office / home during the absence of the user.

SMS controlled outlets produce many firms both domestic, Western and Chinese. The most popular devices from such manufacturers as SenseIT, ReVizor, iSocket, ORCAM, Telemetrika, Sapsan, Smart Security, Proline.

Switches with timer are less convenient to use, but still showing progressive achievements in the field of electrical installation. We recommend to get acquainted with the peculiarities of their operation, devices and rules of operation.

Conclusion and useful video on the topic

A detailed video clip helping to assemble the SMS socket yourself:

Video overview of the configuration and control of a 3 outlet GSM socket:

A visual video on how to control the SMS outlet:

Clear video on how to choose a SMS outlet:

Knowing the features of operation, setup and use of SMS outlets, it is much easier to choose the best option for your home. Easy installation and reasonable price attracts new users wishing to make their lives more comfortable.

Easy and straightforward operation by sending commands-messages makes the device accessible to every cell phone owner regardless of age and gender.

Please write your comments in the box below. We are waiting for stories about the purchase and operation of the SMS controlled outlet. Ask questions, share useful information, news and photos on the topic of the article.

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