Installing A Gas Boiler In The Apartment Building: Whether You Can Put A Boiler Instead Of Central Heating

Central heating is not always suitable for apartment owners and many dream of independent. But not not everyone knows that installation of a gas boiler in apartment in an apartment building is not just a dream, but quite a real possibility.

Could hardly&believe it or not believe it at all? Then we will tell you everything in detail and explain how to provide independent heating in your apartment, what documents are necessary for this, how to prepare the room and in what cases you can't gasify your apartment.

Content of the article:

  • Regulations, laws and regulations
  • Elevations and other requirements for gasification
    • Locations for gas-using equipment
    • Rules for distances and structures; constructions
    • Drawer ducts and window constructions
    • Nuances for the gasification of apartment buildings
  • Gas for new buildings
  • Regulations for the gasification of the apartment
    • Prohibitions for owners of a gasified apartment
    • Requirements for the owner of a gasified apartment
  • Conclusions and  useful video on topic

Laws, laws and regulations

Let's take a look at what decrees at legislative level regulate such connections. They will help you implement your plans without problems with local authorities, without danger to health and life, and moreover, with a minimum waste of time and money.

You will need to familiarize yourself with:

  • SP 60. 13330.2016 - \"Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning\".
  • SP 62.13330.2011/NiP 42-01-2002 - here you will find a detailed explanation of gas distribution systems.
  • SP 41-108-2004 - document about apartment heating with gasification.
  • SP 402.1325800.2018 - \"Rules for the Design of Gas Distribution Systems.\"

And of course, general studies of your apartment building's documentation are needed.

Elevation and other requirements for gasification

So you have patience and you have the financial means to set up independent heating in your apartment.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

Even if you comply with the elevation, the consequences of explosions in multi-apartment buildings are disastrous. You can imagine what would happen if it were to happen in a high-rise in a town that does not have the equipment to extinguish fires quickly

First of all, you have to know what floor you live on. There used to be restrictions on gasification from 5 to 9 floors in different statutes. Now we can safely take SP 402.1325800.2018 for consideration and in it we see in paragraph 5.18 the requirements for apartment heating in residential buildings up 28 meters high.

If you want to argue with this act you can try, but in any case you would need a safety approval by the MES and other departments, the positive outcome of which is questionable.

The Technical Regulations on the safety of gas equipment states that the supply of \"blue fuel\" is possible only if there will be fire safety, which includes the possibility of rapid technical response to ignition. And although this document was canceled, the requirements in it are quite reasonable.

Really, the technical possibility of rapid fire suppression on floors above 10 is not possible in every city. Not even every roof is equipped with a helipad, not to mention that gasification is not profitable to provide in high-rise buildings under construction due to different reasons.

But this is a separate topic, we have found out the main thing - the height of your building should not exceed 28 meters.

Facilities for gas appliances

Now let us talk about the room itself and the requirements for it. It is necessary in order to avoid unnecessary actions, because if your room does not comply, there is no point in formalizing the gasification.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

The installation of gas appliances must be guided by applicable norms. You cannot just place them randomly, even if this is very convenient for you

No need to search through a pile of papers, just look at the rules for design of gas supply systems SP 402.1325800.2018. These are the latest by date of issue gas supply design rules, which, although on the list of voluntary application, meet all the requirements of the Technical Regulations for the Safety of Buildings.

To keep your mind, in detail you SP 402.1325800.2018 still have time to study, we immediately look at part 5 \"Requirements for the premises...\" and find the section \"Apartment Buildings\". In the first paragraph (paragraph 5.16) we see that the installation of gas stoves in kitchens, niches are strictly prohibited.

Kitchen-niche - by definition from SP 54.13330.2011 - is a room or part thereof, which has no dining area used for cooking. Of the equipment in it - electric stove and supply and exhaust ventilation. In a broader sense the kitchen area somehow communicating with other rooms.

We go back to the other requirements, they are the same as in single-family houses, so we look at point 5.1 and see that again, gas stoves must be in rooms of kitchens (in 5. 16 that's it), from 2,2 m high, with volumes from 8, 12, 15 cubic meters for 2, 3, 4-burner stoves respectively.

There must be a ventilation hood, a window with a vent for airing and a gap in the bottom of the door from 0,02 cubic meters. For boilers the requirements are the same and do not forget that individual heat generators must have an area of at least 15 cubic meters.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

No gas appliances can be installed in, over or under the dwelling in any case, and even more so because it violates the rules in force

For reference, a heat room is a non-residential use in which there is planned or already installed equipment for heating and appliances assisting it. This applies to gas appliances - stoves, columns, boilers.

Let's continue with the boilers. So, the gas boiler in the apartment instead of the existing central heating with power up to 50 kW can be put in the kitchen area, corridor corridor, non-residential premises (except those with high humidity - these are saunas, bathrooms, WC).

If the boiler capacity is higher, but does not exceed 100 kW, you need a separate room-boiler. Note that again - no living space in the apartments above or below.

Rules for distances and constructions

We ve talked about the location of the boiler room, the height from floor to ceiling, now we will discuss the room itself, where in the apartment can install the gas boiler, what distances to gas-using equipment must be observed and what in the room must still be constructions.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

The appliance data sheets already specify the required distances, surface requirements and again, our SP 402.1325800.2018 requires manufacturers' recommendations to comply

But there are also mandatory standards. For example:

  • Coolers and boilers with wall mount type must be installed on surfaces with non-combustible material or enclosed by special tempered glass and at least 3 cm from the walls.
  • Wood floors or floors with a wood finish are not permitted for the installation of gas appliances unless they are insulated with up to 10 cm of fire resistant material behind the appliance.
  • A horizontal distance from the stove to the heating equipment is taken from 10 cm.

But it is not so difficult to arrange the heaters according to these requirements. What's more difficult is to think about the exhaust and window.

Exhaust ducts and window designs

We start with the fact that if you have any equipment related to gas, ventilation must be of the natural type.

The exhaust must be designed for three times the air exchange with the same air supply and additional air to support the combustion. The boiler air supply shall be provided by a separate duct.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

A window opening equipped with glass shall be easily removable, meeting the requirements of GOST R 56288. Nothing else, no triplexes, reinforcements and so on can be installed in the boiler room, unless there are other windows

With regard to the window, it must be a lightly-expandable construction.  Volume - 0.03 square meters per 1 cubic meter of room volume. And the door leading out of the room must open to the outside.

And, of course, don't forget to install the UPS.

Separately, there are also mandatory recommendations for smoke channels and ventilation, which you find all in the same SP 402.1325800.2018.

Nuances of gasification of apartment buildings

The process of gasification of apartment buildings can be independent or centralized.

In the first option, the fuel is taken from common pipeline, and in the second - the supply comes from special reservoirs that release and storage of gas resource, called gas holders.

The installation of gas holders is unlikely in densely populated neighborhoods with apartment buildings, as their realization requires the following conditions:

  1. Possible passage of the vehicles for gas holders maintenance.
  2. Far from any residential objects at least 10 meters, from fences at least 2 meters, from other buildings at least 5 meters.
  3. From ponds, wells and other wells - 15 meters.

With centralized gasification all requirements are already met.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

It is also noted that the gas pipeline  in any variant is laid along the facade above the 1st floor windows. The input goes through kitchens or non-residential premises, there is also an interfloor transit

There are, of course, many nuances according to the specifics of the house location, its structural framework and so on. These data can be confirmed by the local authorities.

Gas for new buildings

The arrangement of the gas supply in a new building, whatever it may be, in case gasification was not originally planned, requires a meeting of the residents, who have the rights for the residential premises in the particular house. At the meeting minutes are drawn up, showing the number of people present, the topic of the meeting, the decision and the voting results.

If not everyone agrees, but the \"For\" majority of the votes of residents, the decision is taken in favor of the majority. Then the administration office should be visited to find out about the possibilities for gasification, according to the planning scheme.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

To design a gas supply system for an already built apartment building is often unrealistic, so the best option is to include this possibility at the construction stage, based on the results of the meeting of future inhabitants of the MAB

And then the chairman of the meeting takes the minutes to the housing and utilities department together with an application for the gas connection. The question is passed on to a designer or a separate specialized organization.

The project is drawn up and then the gasification of the house, if technically possible. For the independent gasification of the individual apartments, the scheme is slightly different.

Registration procedure for the gasification of the apartment

In first of all it would be worth knowing if it possible to gasify the living objects in your apartment building or not technically possible. You can do this at local CCs and GROs.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

With a project engineer you can be advised of the possibility of gasifying an apartment in an apartment building. But you should also ask the Regional Electricity Distribution Company about the load on the nearest line and the possibilities to connect to it

We should talk in advance in order not to waste time on collecting documentation and going to the authorities if it is not realistic to do this anyway.

After obtaining approval, you will need to assemble the residents and get their positive decision with minutes of the meeting.

Look at the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. It contains all the clauses concerning the nuances of residential premises alteration, starting from article 25 25. Gasification is a remodeling, as it relates to engineering communications, the change of which must be made in the technical passport of the dwelling.

The work, according to the law, is carried out at the expense of the owners of residential premises. That is, from the gas&input to indoor gas equipment, if your region does not& provide any benefit program, you fully pay for all communications and work.

Furthermore you should go to your local authority and write an application for the re conversion, as well as get the consent of the local authority for the gasification of the apartment.

After that you should apply for TU to the local GRO, which serves the mains in your area. Don't forget to also obtain the consent of the owner of the gas line.

Trust a company licensed for this type of work to inspect the chimney and venting systems, as well as their installation or reconstruction, on a contractual basis.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

The gas supply design includes a scheme of the utilities from the entry to the house, the passage of the pipes through the internal constructions, the location of the gas equipment

The design and estimate works, after which an application for disconnection from the common heating and hot water supply must be written to the local heating system.

Purchasing gas equipment is a very important and responsible moment. You can not just buy the first stove or boiler to match the color of your purse. Devices must comply with the requirements of the SP and GOST.

After all this is ready, experts bring the gas pipeline pipes and install according to the approved project intra-house gas equipment.

The next step - installation of meters, as well as alarms, according to SP 402.1325800.2018. Once everything is installed, a series of contracts are signed between the gas supply company and the applicant for the maintenance of the gas using equipment and for gas supply.

The commissioning and test run of the gas takes place, as well as a safety briefing with the owner.

That's probably all the stages to be passed in the way to gasify the apartment.

Bans for owners of a gasified apartment

When you get a gasified apartment, you should not think that you can now use it as you like. There are certain restrictions and prohibitions.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

When commissioning gas appliances, as well as during maintenance, experts instruct the owners on the rules for using the equipment and reprimand the owners if they notice minor violations

For example, the unauthorized gasification is strictly prohibited. What this includes -the withdrawal of gas pipes into local arbors, garages, sheds, basements and and so on. Connecting equipment that is not registered with the gas regulator, even if you just want to change one appliance for another. For this you need to invite experts.

No alterations can be made to the premises in which gas is connected without prior approval. It happens that after installing appliances, people begin to remove temporary partitions.

Don't think that such trickery will go unnoticed. At the next maintenance, however, your crafty design can get wrapped up. SP and SNiPs regulating the installation of gas boilers in apartments nobody cancels after installing the devices.

It often happens that users disconnect automatics and alarms in case of its actuation for equipment failure. It is not recommended to do it by any means, remember that you risk not only your property, but most importantly life, but also other people, because you live in a apartment building.

Another reasonable requirement is not to leave appliances not designed for prolonged burning unattended while you are away. We're talking, of course, about gas stoves and running water heaters, even if they are equipped with an automatic emergency shutdown. Still, we are talking about explosive and flammable gas fuel.

Gas should not be used not for its intended purpose (household appliances). Yes and it is prohibited to sleep in boiler rooms, after all, not without reason these rooms should be non-residential.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

A violation of operating rules of gas-using equipment leads to explosions and fires. When a professional notices problems in time, they can also shut off the gas supply and cancel the contract with the apartment owner

All owners must be informed by the Gas Control Company of their rights and obligations before letting them use the gas line.

Duties of the owner of a gasified apartment

If you are the happy owner of an independent heating system in your apartment, you must remember that not only do you have restrictions, but also duties. You have the obligation;to observe the rules for the use of gas in the household.

These include:

  • You must carefully review the instructions for using gas-fed appliances;
  • carefully monitor the optimum functionality of all appliances, chimneys and vents;
  • carefully ensure that the draught is at the proper level and periodically clean the flue duct;
  • notify the OPP immediately of all malfunctions occurring with the appliances under control, in particular of possible leaks outside the apartment at the gas inlet;
  • In case of sudden loss of gas supply, close all valves on burners and supply pipes, call 04 to clarify the reasons;
  • Allow the staff of the SAO to inspect the equipment at any time of day and night when signaled to their office of a possible emergency situation;
  • allow specialists to carry out maintenance and checks;
  • pay in time for the resources received according to the meter readings;
  • don't let children to the working gas appliances.

In addition, if you leave home for more than a month, inform the gas supply company and give them your telephone number, valid for contact in case of faults on the line.

Installing a gas boiler in the apartment building: whether you can put a boiler instead of central heating

Even a small leak in the line in the long term can cause an explosion or a fire. That's why when you leave for a long time, don't leave even closed long term equipment unattended

The requirements are not so difficult to observe, and also ensure your safety.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What to do if there is a gas leak in the apartment:

So the question - can put a gas boiler and related equipment in the apartment can be answered positively. But To do this you must have the right specifications, the necessary documentation, have patience and go through all these stages.

Many apartments in Russia have independent heating, so you have a chance to get such an opportunity.

Are you gasified your apartment? Are you planning to or are you strongly opposed to such actions within the MFB? Write your opinion in the comments, and also ask your questions.

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