Installation Of Spotlights In The Ceiling: Installation Instructions + Expert Advice

Do you agree that lighting in the house is one of the most important issues during renovations? Most people would probably answer this question in the affirmative. Especially those who for years have been content with the light of the only chandelier in a large corridor or have to cook in the kitchen with the gloomy lamp light.

Solve the problem of insufficient lighting will help the installation of spotlights, which guarantee uniform light. It is with their help you can finally illuminate the most secluded corners of the house, which will give the room an unprecedented comfort.

The advantages of spot lights before any other lighting fixtures are undeniable. But, after the preference is given to this type of lighting, there is another question - how to perform the installation of spotlights and whether it can be done with your own hands. We will give answers to these questions in this article.

The main difficulty that arises when carrying out such work is the different types of materials from which the ceiling is made. Because of this, the order of installation also differs, and different tools will be needed.

Installing lights on a plastic ceiling

Floors assembled from plastic panels have been in fashion in repair and construction for a long time.

First, they are incredibly cheap - it is probably the most economical repair option. Secondly, a ceiling made of plastic panels will last a very long time, because they are easy to care for. And thirdly, the abundance of all possible designs of plastic panels allows you to create an original interior in any room.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

While plastic panels are very easy to care for, they are impermeable to moisture and easy to clean - this is an ideal solution for the bathroom or kitchen

While plastic ceiling panels have many advantages, they have a significant drawback - they are not resistant to high temperatures. That is why it is recommended to choose lamps with a maximum power of 40W for installation in this type of ceiling.

Specialists recommend not to use incandescent lamps, but to buy special lamps equipped with a protective metal ring.

Although the installation of spotlights in the plastic ceiling should be performed after the panels are installed, you should prepare for their connection in advance.

As with the installation of other types of ceiling coverings, before starting their installation you should take care of the wiring for the lamps. It should be placed under the ceiling covering and in the places where you plan to place the spot lights.

If you do not have personal experience in wiring, it is better to ask for help from professionals. This is the only stage of the work where you may need the help of a professional, everything else you can do yourself.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

When laying the wires, it is important to put them in a special plastic conduit that will prevent the spread of fire in case of a short circuit

Where one end will be connected to the light fitting and the other will lead to the junction box and the switch. So that in future if one of the lamps burns out, all the others will not get cut off, you should choose a parallel connection.

Further information on what can be a conduit for electrical wiring, see below.

Wiring recommended is a cable with dimensions 3x1,5. The distance between the lights is determined at the builder's discretion. At the same time, the bulb must be at least 60 cm from the wall.

Another factor to consider when installing a plastic panel ceiling is that the distance between them and the base must be sufficient, to accommodate the head of the light fixture.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

After all the requirements have been met and the plastic panels are installed, you can proceed to installing the fixtures on the ceiling

To install the spot lights on the plastic ceiling, no special tools are needed, most of them can be found in every apartment:

  • a knife sharp enough to cut the plastic;
  • a power drill;
  • a tape measure;
  • crowns with which you can drill round holes.

However, as soon as the necessary tools are prepared, you can begin to mount the light fixtures.

For this purpose, the points on the ceiling where the light bulbs are to be placed must be marked. Next, holes must be made with drill bits and a knife that are slightly larger in diameter than the base.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

Before starting to install the plastic panels, the wiring should be done and the places where the spotlights will be connected should be prepared

In order to make the connection between the light and the wire as secure as possible, terminal clamps are recommended. These ensure that the connections are securely fastened, but in the future, at least once a year, they should be checked.

After fixing the wires, it is necessary to ensure that they are securely insulated. The luminaires themselves are installed in a pre-made hole very simply - with the help of metal \"feet\" located on the back of the device.

Mounting on a stretch ceiling

Tension ceilings are one of the most popular solutions during repairs. It is thanks to this type of covering that you can create an original design. For example, you can make a multi-level ceiling or create an imitation of the starry sky. By supplementing the ceiling with spotlights you can achieve an extraordinary coziness in any room.

Installation of spotlights on stretch ceilings, as in the previous case, begins with the wiring.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

After the work with wires is completed, an aluminum profile is mounted, which serves as the base for the stretch ceiling. After attaching the rails, the level at which the ceiling will be positioned becomes visible

In order not to make mistakes during installation, it is recommended to stretch ordinary threads that are attached to the profile and mark the level of the future ceiling.

Next, you should mark the places where the lamps will be placed. There are two ways to do this.

The first is to make a corresponding marking on the ceiling with a pencil and a tape measure. If there is a laser level at home, it is much more convenient to make the marking.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

Tensioned ceiling has many variants of spot lighting fixtures, with their help you can even visually zone the space, separating the \"working\" zone from the rest place

A special platform is installed where the spot lighting fixtures would be placed. It takes the form of a plastic circle inside which the spotlight will be placed. The platforms are installed so that there is a distance of five centimeters between their edge and the stretched thread. After placing the platforms at the desired level, it is possible to remove the stretched threads.

When the preparatory stage is complete, it is possible to move on to the tensioning of the ceiling canvas. Once these works are done, it is necessary to find by touch the platforms installed beforehand. Their contours are marked on the ceiling canvas.

After that, the thermal rings are placed on the marks made with glue. They have several functions. Firstly, they protect the ceiling from the thermal radiation of the bulb in the future. Secondly, the rings hold the fabric and do not let it tear during the installation of the lamp.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

The glue for the thermal rings must be a special one for plastic, which is made on the basis of cyanoacrylate. This can be Cosmophen, Contact or Cosmopolast as well as any other suitable formulation

The glue is applied very carefully, only on the surface where the thermal ring will be attached. It is not necessary to smear it all over the ceiling, just apply a thin layer on the thermal ring and press it well with your fingers.

After the glue has set, which takes 3-4 minutes, you can go to the next step. So, a hole is made inside the ring with a sharp knife, through which the prepared wires are taken out.

When stripping the film inside the ring, it is important to remove it completely, as its remains may later interfere with the cooling of the lamp. Then they are connected to the fixture, and the device itself is attached to the landing platform with special \"ears\".

We also recommend reading our other material, where we told in detail about the features of the choice of light bulbs for stretch ceilings.

Mounting on the concrete ceiling

In case a global repair at home is not expected, the question arises - can the point lighting be mounted on the monolithic concrete ceiling. And if possible, how to drill holes and hide the wiring.

Concrete ceilings are typical of most apartments. In fact - it is a monolithic structure, which cannot be drilled.

Make special holes for lighting fixtures is possible only if the repair is planned to do on the top floor, that is, there is no risk of collapse of the slab. But even in this case, it is better to invite professionals to work on the installation of lighting fixtures.

Another option for installing spotlights in the concrete ceiling is to find technical holes on its surface, which are almost on all ceilings. They appear during the construction of the apartment, and before the delivery of the object the builders close them with concrete.

If you find this hole and free it from the filler, you can place a light fixture in it. The disadvantage of this method is that the fixtures will not be placed where the homeowner desires, but where the holes were left.

Installation of spotlights in the ceiling: installation instructions + expert advice

Bearing in mind that it is very difficult to attach spotlights to the concrete ceiling, you can use an ordinary chandelier on this type of ceiling, and equip the places that are covered with plasterboard with spotlights

The easiest and most economical way to install spotlights on the concrete ceiling is to cover its surface with plasterboard. This material is relatively cheap, as in the case of installing a stretch ceiling, it is possible to perform multi-level designs.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A visual instruction on how to install the lights is presented in the following video:

So, spot lights are an opportunity to make any room bright and cozy. With their help, you can illuminate even a dark corridor, which since its construction has been illuminated only by a dim chandelier. You can install this type of lighting on any type of ceiling and the whole amount of work can be done with your own hands.

Are you solving the problem of insufficient lighting? Have you been using spotlights in your home? If so, then tell our readers what kind of ceilings you installed lights and whether there were difficulties in installation. Share your experiences in the comments.

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