Installation Of Gas Boilers Baxi: Connection Diagram And Instructions For Adjustment

In the list of advantages of Baxi gas heating equipment the leading positions are taken by perfect operation, reliability and extremely high level of operating comfort. Boilers of this brand are deservedly recognized by the world and domestic consumers. The most active demand is for practical wall-mounted models.

Responsible manufacturer warns: installation of gas boilers Baxi must perform representatives of gas supply companies. However, information about the specifics and stages of work is necessary for all owners of units. It does not hurt to get acquainted with them to control the work of hired performers and further operation. Do you agree?

We will tell you how to install Baxi S.p.A. gas heat generators. In the article we present you the technological nuances and peculiarities of the settings. Here you will find recommendations from experienced gas technicians, following which will save you from malfunctions and dangerous situations.

Content of the article:

  • Facilities of gas equipment from Baxi
    • Systems for monitoring operation and protection
    • Specialized systems of Baxi units
  • Sophisticated installation and nuances of adjustment
    • Steps for connecting the boiler to utilities
    • Startup and startup and Setting up
  • Recommendations for the reduction of operating costs
  • Conclusions and useful video on the subject

Baxi gas equipment equipment

The range of sales offers from Baxi S. p. A. p.A. there are floor-standing and wall-mounted units. The former are purchased for the device of independent heating in spacious country houses, industrial or commercial facilities. The latter are a success with the owners of apartments, small villas and private houses of small area.

And wall-mounted and floor models of this brand produce with one or two heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger is designed to heat the environment of a separate circuit. The single-circuit boilers are designed for heating medium preparation, the double-circuit boilers serve the heating system and provide hot water to the mixers.

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Baxi boilers in an independent heating organization

Office space heating organization

Front boiler for a private home

One-circuit wall boiler model

Boiler connection

Electronic panel for choice of modes

Display on the side of the boiler

Device with closed combustion chamber

The Baksi boiler range includes atmospheric and turbine units. Atmospheric models are equipped with an open combustion chamber, turbine - with a closed one. The first are somewhat cheaper and easier to operate, the second are more expensive and more complex, but much safer, and therefore more popular among consumers.

Safety and control devices

Marketable gas boilers are equipped with the following systems to control the heat generator and ensure safety:

  • Safety thermostat. Device with a sensor that responds to excess heating water. If it detects a temperature above the set limit, the boiler is blocked. It is forbidden to deactivate it.
  • Draught sensor.A device detecting the temperature of the gas products exhausted from the boiler. If they are above 90ºC, the electronic board cuts off the gas supply. It should not be shut off under any circumstances.
  • Flame Ionization Sensor.Electrode monitoring the gas supply to the burner, recording the disturbance of the blue fuel supply or the partial attenuation of the burner. If dangerous situations are detected, the system locks the boiler.
  • Media flow pressure switch.A system allowing burner operation to be activated only if the pressure of the medium to be treated exceeds 0.5 bar.
  • Freeze protection. A device that automatically starts the boiler when the temperature drops to +5ºC and forces it to operate until the heating medium to be supplied to the supply pipe reaches +30ºC.

Protection against ice formation in a system filled with heating medium or sanitary water, not disconnected even when all other electrical-dependent systems of the unit are disconnected from power. The two-pole cut-out device makes it possible to leave it in operation if the boiler is not used for some time.

Boilers are also equipped with systems that ensure post-circulation of the heated medium. I.e. after the burner has stopped, the heating medium will still be circulating in the heating circuit for another three minutes. There is a function that forces the circulation pump to switch on periodically for 10 minutes, if the boiler has not been used for more than a day, and many more useful innovations.

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Temperature sensors for conventional and condensing boilers

heating equipment temperature mode

Mechanical thermostat for Baksi boilers

Electronic gas boiler thermostat

The units are equipped with room and outdoor sensors to read the ambient temperature background. By means of the thermostats to which they are connected, the owners of the rooms to be treated select the minimum and maximum temperature limit. According to these data the automatics will start and stop the heating of the heating medium.

Specialized systems of Baxi units

A great option, introduced technologically and constructively, is considered the possibility to regulate the gas valve of Baxi boilers. By means of a screw on the device, it is possible to adjust the output, focusing on the CO2 content in the flue duct.

To perform the precise calibration of the gas valve, the equipment manufacturer, in the technical documentation of the products, encloses a table. It shows the unit's operating parameters with minimum and maximum output and the corresponding fan speed. The adjuster simply has to turn the screws until the correct value appears on the display.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

The gas valve is calibrated with the function 304, which will alternate with the \"%\" sign on the display. Increase and decrease the capacity in 1% increments

The function also includes a very useful function, the self-cleaning of the flue ducts. It is performed when the device is running at full power. Spontaneous removal of combustion products allows for less frequent cleaning of the chimney. In addition, it guarantees the stability of the system and the safety of users.

Degassing function - removing air from the system, which inevitably occurs when filling the heating circuit with water. It is used before the first start-up as well as after the boiler shut-down and water draining for the warm period when the heating circuit is not needed.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

The heating scheme organized on the basis of a Baksi boiler can include remote storage water heaters and solar panels

In addition to a good set of functions, the possibility of connecting solar panels, implemented in almost all models of this brand is attached. Still included in the heating scheme, the boiler can be supplemented with a remote boiler, for which there are no connections, and an additional pump.

Tips of installation and nuances of setting

We have already noted that the installation, connection, first start and setting of operating parameters of Baksi gas boiler should be done by a master from the organization with which the contract for the supply of blue fuel and service of gas processing units is concluded. After the application of their own efforts to implement these steps is lost warranty.

All steps of the installation cycle is documented. The owners of the boiler are given papers stating who installed and wired what. If a fault is detected, it will be eliminated by the contractor. If there is a factory defect, which is very rare, all the problems are solved by the gas service.

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Kitchens, utility rooms, hallways with cubic capacity over 7,5 m³ are suitable for wall boiler installation. The room must have a window with a free-opening transom for ventilation and a door with a floor ventilation gap or grille

The main condition for the installation of the gas processing equipment is a well functioning exhaust and supply ventilation. If the natural type of ventilation fails to cope with the air exchange, the exhaust or air inlets are equipped with fans

To install the floor model, as a rule, allocate a separate room - a boiler room. Allowed to install in heated hallways and utility rooms. The temperature in the utility room, chosen for the location of the boiler should never fall below +5 º C

When using two boilers to heat water for heating and sanitary water circuits are usually installed in the boiler room. In such schemes, often the floor model serves the heating, and the wall-mounted model serves DHW

Wall boiler in the hallway

Good ventilation system

Floor gas equipment in the boiler room

Floor and wall model in the boiler room

We note, that these gas-fired heat generators are allowed to be installed in heating circuits with any heating devices. Underfloor heating is not an exception, but for their operation the boiler output should be set to 65ºC at the inlet to the supply pipe. They are suitable for both one- and two-pipe heating circuits, for tee and beam options.

Steps to connect the boiler to the utilities

Let's list step by step what gas workers should do during the installation and connection of a Baxi brand gas boiler.

It is possible to divide the entire cycle of work into three main parts, these are:

  • Preparing building structures and utilities.Strengthening structures as needed. Laying lines for connections, if necessary.
  • Hanging boiler on wall and connecting to utilities. Purely mechanical work requiring precise compliance with the circuit diagram and the recommendations of the unit manufacturer.
  • Performing the first start-up and setting the operating parameters. Performing the first start-up is the responsibility of the representatives of the gas company. The settings can be set by the user himself.

All the steps are carried out in a well thought out and clearly worked out procedure by the boiler manufacturer.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

The installation diagram of the heating water and hot water manufacturer is enclosed with the appliance. In the connection of utilities must be clearly followed

Preparation period includes:

  • Survey of the premises to confirm the installation of equipment using gas.
  • Drafting a contract for the works with the attached connection diagram of the gas boiler with the Baksi logo and a precisely calculated estimate. It should include the rates of works and the cost of materials purchased by the company for the installation of the heat generator.
  • Cleaning of the heating system and DHW from mineral deposits and contaminants deposited on the walls of pipes and appliances during operation. Performed by any available chemical means.
  • Laying of communications to the place where the boiler is installed. Only heating and gas supply lines are supplied to single-circuit ones, to two-circuit ones - heating, gas and water supply lines.
  • Installation of shut-off valves on each communication line. They are needed to disconnect the unit in case of repair, accident, replacement.
  • Installation of a dirt filter on the return pipe of the heating system. It is required to collect the mineral sludge that may have remained after cleaning and will form when the water is heated.
  • Provision of a separate power line. It is used to ensure that no other electrical equipment is connected in parallel with the appliance, thus creating the risk of a short circuit with fire hazards.

Communication systems are connected with the obligatory use of gaskets. All work must be carried out in accordance with plumbing regulations.

Optimal location of the electrical socket relative to the gas boiler 30-50 cm from the body. Its installation and the laying of the power supply line shall be carried out in accordance with the Electrical Installation Code. In addition, the equipment must necessarily be earthed using a three-wire cable with earthing conductors.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

Baksi hot water heater and coolant require a power supply, a separate power line must be laid to the boiler installation site. It must be 30-50 cm from the body

The list of measures to install the boiler includes:

  • Boiler fixing.It is made on a wall with sufficient load-bearing capacity for this. Fix the unit with anchor bolts and, if necessary, cover the wall with a non-combustible finish if made of flammable materials.
  • Pipe connection to the boiler. Carried out according to the diagram enclosed in the manufacturer's data sheet.
  • Combustion flue assembly. Connection of flue pipes to Baxi boilers is made only with the fixtures attached by the manufacturer of the unit.

Turbine models equipped with a closed combustion chamber, connect either a coaxial pipe or an ordinary pipe along with the air supply pipe to the closed burner. The first option is easier, but more expensive in terms of purchasing a coaxial system. However, it is not a fact that installing two ducts for air supply and smoke extraction will end up being cheaper.

The atmospheric models with an open combustion chamber are connected to a conventional chimney. Outlet of the products of processing of blue fuel is made either through the wall into the street space, or into the collective chimney of the apartment building.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

Chimneys to gas boilers with the Baksi logo are connected using the fasteners available in the package of the device. Turbine models are equipped with coaxial types of chimneys, atmospheric - conventional, which are recommended to complement the condensate collectors

Columns of chimneys allow this channel to be output in any direction through the wall. Note that through the walls are led out mainly in multi-storey buildings, the number of floors which does not exceed five levels. In private houses, vertical flue ducts are preferred.

Finishing the installation work is completed, proceed to the first start-up and adjustment.

Start-up and adjustment activities

For the first start-up, the gas boiler and the circuits it handles are filled with the medium conveyed through them. Unlike most wall mounted models that can only heat water as a coolant, Baksi units can be filled with antifreeze - an aqueous solution of propylene glycol with antifreeze additives.

The process of filling the boiler and heating circuit with a coolant is done through a pipe located in the bottom of the unit. After the filling the air is vented and then the volume of the heating medium is refilled in the same way if necessary.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

After connecting the boiler to the communication lines the boiler and the associated systems are filled with water. Then the power supply is connected and the gas is made available. Now it is possible to adjust

The following steps precede the commissioning activities:

  • Check the pressure in the system. It must comply with the recommended values of 1-1,5 bar.
  • Connect the boiler to the power supply.
  • Gas supply to the combustion chamber, for which you must open the yellow cock on the gas pipe inlet in front of the boiler.

It happens that when the unit is first started, it blocks because of the air pockets in the pipes. In the case of Baksi boilers, it is not necessary to manually bleed the blockages, the system will remove them by itself. It is only necessary to press the start button again and keep it pressed for 2 seconds until the operation of the burner is activated.

The operating parameters are set by means of an electronic panel located on the front side of the boiler. There is a button with a stylized battery to select the heating operation mode and a button with a tap for DHW.

The Baxi gas boiler is set according to a single algorithm:

  • Select the button responsible for heating or sanitary water preparation.
  • Activate the +/- buttons to set the suitable mode.
  • Press the Power button to make the electronic control memorize the set parameter.

If the performance task procedure has been completed successfully, the display shows \"MEM\". This means that the boiler will operate according to these very settings until the user decides to make changes.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

The boiler settings can be mastered by a completely inexperienced performer. You just have to select the function and then the value, increasing or decreasing the initial value

If you do not want to memorize the parameter you just selected, you must confirm it by pressing the \"i\" button. The system, which has accepted the refusal to change, will indicate this with \"ESC\" on the display.

In order to select and set the operating characteristics of the boiler, the buttons are held for 6 seconds at a time. To display the current information about the operation of the unit, the \"i\" button must be pressed for 5 seconds. If the \"INFO\" function is activated, the display shows \"A00\" instead of which the temperature at the outlet of the heated medium from the boiler appears.

Then the dynamic gas pressure value at the gas burner inlet should be checked. When using mains fuel it should be 20 mbar. If a propane-majority cylinder mixture is used, the dynamic pressure value must be 37 mbar. Measurements are taken by connecting a pressure gauge to the gas valve connection.

The maximum and minimum pressures are then set by means of a regulator. In this case, again, a gas valve is used, to the connection of which a sensitive pressure gauge is connected, recording the changes in mbar. The values are selected according to the data given in the table by the manufacturer. They depend on the model and on the type of gas to be processed by the boiler.

Installation of gas boilers Baxi: connection diagram and instructions for adjustment

The gas pressure performance is set in the simplest way - by turning the adjustment screws. The pressure value depends on the gas mixture used

The Baksi gas heaters and hot water heaters offered to the consumer are initially set up to process the main gas. If the boiler is to \"work\" in an autonomous system with a group of cylinders or a gas holder, then before performing all of the above infusions are replaced nozzles. After that, the voltage is changed on the modulator by selecting the F02 parameter.

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Step 1: Removing the combustion chamber faceplate

Step 2: Removing the gas burner

Step 3: Unscrewing the main gas nozzles

Step 4: Screwing in the nozzles for the liquefied gas mixture

Tips for reducing operating costs

If all operating settings are made in accordance with the table data given by the manufacturer, the equipment will be very energy efficient, producing the necessary heat in the amount required by the owners.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  • Select for systems with radiators or thermosiphons the temperature of the coolant at the boiler outlet +60ºС. Increase it only if the unit still does not provide comfortable heat in the room.
  • Adjust the temperature settings according to the manufacturer's instructions and the intended use of the room. For heating bedrooms and other less frequented rooms, the heating temperature can be selected as a lower than average temperature.
  • Do not exceed the temperature background recommended by the manufacturers of the heaters included in the circuit.
  • Use a room and outdoor temperature sensor that detects temperature rise/decrease. An associated thermostat will start/stop the boiler by itself as needed.
  • Set the fluid temperature by clock using a timer. At night, for example, it can be reduced by 3-5 ºC.

It must be remembered that raising the temperature in the treated room by only 1º, we increase costs immediately by about 6%.

In order not to constantly change the heating medium temperature setting in the autumn-spring difficult period, it is better to put an outdoor temperature sensor. If you do not have a suitable model or you cannot afford to buy the original one, you can build a self-made gauge like this:

Image gallery


Step 1: Installation of the self-made outdoor sensor

Step 2: Drilling the wall to lead outside

Phase 3: Adjusting the heating medium to the outside temperature

Phase 4: Mounting the outdoor temperature sensor

In case of long absence, the boiler is best unplugged, but the frost protection system should not be turned off. It is only switched off for the summer period, during which time the heating function is dispensed with by completely disconnecting the single-circuit model and transferring the two-circuit version to hot water supply.

In order to save on heating costs it is not advisable to cover the radiators with screens and heavy drapes. They will disrupt normal air circulation and make the boiler work at full capacity for no apparent reason.

Also the manufacturer of the equipment does not advise to microventilate the rooms, keeping the transoms constantly ajar. It is better to open the window wide and air \"at once\" than to artificially lower the reading of the room temperature sensor for a long time. It has been proven in practice that this is more economical.

When using the water treatment function, it is better to initially choose a temperature comfortable for use without counting on mixing heated and cold water in the mixer. Trust me, thanks to this solution, the heat energy generated by the generator will not be wasted. In addition, there will be no lime deposits on the internal walls.

Conclusions and useful video on the subject

The steps of installation, connection and adjustment of the boiler from Baxi will clearly demonstrate the following video:

Information on the installation process of the wall mounted Baxi boiler and its connection rules are needed to control the invited executors. Unfortunately, not all of them are happy with a conscientious attitude to work and knowledge of all the nuances. If the owner of a gas using unit is concerned about his own safety and the normal operation of the device, the information presented by us will not be superfluous.

Would you like to tell how installed and configured the boiler with the Baksi logo in your home or cottage? Have useful information on the subject that will be useful to future owners of the unit? Please leave comments in the block-form below, post photos on the topic of the article, ask questions.

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