How To Transmit Electricity Meter Readings: The Best Ways To Transmit Data For Light

Every month citizens residing permanently or temporarily in Russia receive utility bills. Among them are receipts from the energy supply company that supplies electricity to the population.

In order to pay the supplier, the owner of a private house or apartment must read the electricity meter and transmit it in one of the ways described below.


  • Monitoring of electricity consumption
  • How to read the meter correctly?
  • Methods of transmission
    • Option #1  -  phone call
    • Option #2 -  sms
    • Option #3  - &nbsp Personal online account
    • Option #4 - by e-mail
    • Option #5  - in the group of V Kontakte network
    • Option #6  -  at the Energosbyt Center
    • Variant #7 -  by paying with plastic card
    • Variant #8 -  data box
  • Conclusions and useful video on the subject

Monitoring of electricity consumption

It was not always possible to control the electricity meters oneself. Until 2012, employees of the electricity supply company would make monthly rounds of the subordinate territories and take meter readings in order to generate receipts and bill them.

Now it has become customary for homeowners to \"communicate\" with the meter. One has to make a monthly procedure of taking and transmitting accurate readings of electricity. In the same way data is taken from cold/hot water meters and gas meters, the installation of which is not yet compulsory.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

Even six years ago electricity users did not have to follow the figures flashing on the meter display. Their task was to pay the bill on time

But the employees of the Power Supply Company were left with the function of controlling the fulfillment of the obligations by the tenants. At least once every six months they check the meters for correct readings. Meters are usually located on the floor, in a joint household box or in a street box installed at the entrance to a private house.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

In private homes, meters are installed in a metal box on a house wall or on a pole so that the inspector has access to the readings

If the meter is inside the apartment or house, the owner must let a representative of the supply company or the HMO in on demand. To ensure that the opportunity to enter someone else's apartment is not taken advantage of by fraudsters, the inspectors should check the documents or make a call to the office of the organization.

The readings are taken monthly. If the data is not received in time, an average amount is charged for six months. After six months, the receipts indicate the accepted standards.

In case of suspicion of distortion of the electric meter readings, electricity suppliers have now begun the practice of installing an antimagnetic seal. The article we recommend will explain how to attach it and how to use it.

How to read a meter correctly?

All meters, regardless of the brand, have an electronic display or a plastic panel on which the figures are clearly visible. They show how many kilowatt-hours the device has \"wound up\" during its entire operation. The average number of digits is 6-7, but there are exceptions.

When writing off or memorizing the numbers, it is not necessary to consider the decimal places - these are tenths/hundredths of kWh. To calculate the amount of electricity consumed in the past month you must subtract the previous readings from the current readings.

Then multiply the result of the calculation by the cost per kWh.

Calculation example:

the April 25, 2018 readings are 4302 kWh

the May 25, 2018 readings are 4452  kWh

cost of 1 kWh - 4.44 rubles

(4452 - 4302) x 4.44 = 150 x 4.44 = 666 rubles

Tariffs in different regions of the country, urban/rural areas differ, you can clarify them in the service company.

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Selecting a specific day to take a reading

Checking if the meter Meter readings

Meter reading

Calculation of the used electricity

What are the consequences of wrong transmission of electricity? If a lower kWh is mistakenly reported, the difference can be added to the next month. An overpayment is also not a problem - you will have to pay less in the future. If the overpayment is large, you can write an application for a recalculation and a refund.

Overview of data transmission methods

There are several ways in which homeowners can send current  meter readings to the supplier or intermediary. They are aimed at different groups of people, but most involve sending data remotely via telephone and internet.

With the new schemes the lines have disappeared, and consumers have more time to deal with personal matters.

Option #1  - telephone call

The most popular way is a telephone call to a call center or MC. All the contact telephone numbers, by which one can reach the operators or the answering machine, are indicated in the receipt, where one can also find the working hours of the organizations receiving the calls.

In order to optimize the data reception the answering machine is connected, the user only needs to follow its recommendations - to press the corresponding numbers on the telephone keyboard or to sound out the readings with a voice message. It takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

Bearing in mind that call center opening hours are usually from 8.00 to 20.00, you can choose the most suitable time and transfer data without rushing. Some auto-run informants are available 24 hours a day

There is another way for those who are used to talking to live people. To do this, one must contact an operator and leave a reading, answering his questions.

In management companies there is usually a separate employee responsible for receiving data from meters. On certain days (for example, from the 22nd to the 25th of the month) he takes the calls and enters them into the Energosbyt program. In this way, the MC's representatives control the timely payment of bills by the tenants.

The advantages of telephone data transmission are convenience and time saving. During a call to the utility company it is possible to transmit the data of all meters installed in the apartment.

On the other hand, consumers are often faced with the fact that the line is constantly busy and that it takes a long time to dial up. With voice messages, recording errors can occur if some values are not clearly transmitted.

Option #2 - sms

For people who are used to typing quickly on the phone, data transmission is no more than 1 minute. The only difficulty is a certain text pattern. If you break it, the message either will not reach you or there will be a mistake in the sum calculation.

To send the data it is necessary to know the following data:

  • the telephone number of the receiving organization;
  • your personal account;
  • the current data taken from the electricity meter.

Some companies require a symbol for the tariff for which you are paying.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

Sample of text message to be typed in on the telephone to send the meter data. The personal account can be found on the receipt, the readings are the numbers from the meter display up to the decimal point

Sending SMS messages is a great solution for consumers who do not use the Internet. It is also convenient to send data in text form to anyone who is away. The service is free, but the phone account will be charged according to the tariff plan if there is no free SMS package. The advantage of the method is the possibility to send the data at any time of the day or night.

Option #3  -  - in a personal online account

Specially for active internet users several schemes of virtual data transmission have been developed, one of them is realized at the site of the supplier.

But before you start to send the electricity meter reading you must register, stating the email. If you do not have an e-mail account, you must get one. After confirming the registration it is possible to access the on-line regime from where the readings are transferred.


  • Go to the link \"transfer reading\";
  • Enter personal data (client or account number);
  • Choose the tariff or the meter number;
  • Input the current data, the previous month's reading will be shown in the next line.

The calculation of the tariff is automatic, therefore it is necessary to enter all figures and, if necessary, blanks and other signs.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

The advantage of registering on the site is the access to further useful information. It is possible to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the different fees, the news, the electricity consumption statistics

If you have questions about fees, meter replacement or maintenance you can use the Feedback service.

Option #4  -  by e-mail

To send the reading by e-mail it is sufficient to know the exact address of the electricity supplier. In addition it is necessary to memorize the sending template, as the mail is processed automatically.

Email is similar to the text typed for SMS: usually the personal account number and the current meter reading are indicated.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

Sending data to an electronic mailbox is convenient for users who are used to working in mail services and have to check their mail every day

Inspecific characters and blanks are not allowed. Any violation of the template makes data processing impossible and the accrual for the current month will not correspond to reality.

Option #5  -  in the \"V Kontakte\"246>

Some of the more sophisticated companies have created their own groups in V Kontakte, the most popular and covering the largest number of different social groups and all generations.

Most of the latest billing and accounting information is available there.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

In the group pages, information is updated daily, with some news on general provisions, others on issues affecting individual areas

In this group you will find useful links to the supplier´s website and other interesting information resources.

Option #6  -  in the Energy Service Center

This method is only suitable for city residents, since the company offices are located where many people live.

In provincial towns there is usually one one-stop-shop for everyone and in big cities several offices in all big districts for easy servicing.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

See the office between billing periods and when the electricity supplier changes. Sometimes it is useful to contact a consultant in order to resolve disputes

The operator with whom direct communication takes place performs the same actions that the consumer could do himself in the Personal Office on the Energosbyt website - enters readings in certain boxes in a special program.

Contacting the company that supplies electricity to the population is the most reliable method available. However, it has its own disadvantage - you have to find free time to visit.

Option #7  -  with plastic card payment

Not the most popular method, which many plastic card holders do not even know about. In fact, with its help one can solve two problems at once: to pay the bills of the previous month and transfer the current data.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

Transfer occurs during \"communication\" with the ATM. There is a program in the machine's computer prompting you to enter the readings. By following the instructions one can quickly transmit the requested information - meter data

If one gets used to this scheme and remembers to use it, one saves a lot of time spent trying to reach the operator or filling in the receipt.

Option #8  -  data collection box

In some regions, data collection is organized through a special box installed in a public place. The large boxes are placed directly on the floor, the small ones on the table.

The boxes are easy to identify - the front side usually has the Energosbyt logo and a \"talking\" inscription.

How to transmit electricity meter readings: the best ways to transmit data for light

The boxes are not many and are therefore to be found wherever large crowds of people gather: in big stores or shopping centers, at the post office, Sberbank branches or Energosbyt offices

In order to send the reading one should fill in the receipt stub in the post or fill in a special form. Then you simply insert the slip into the slot.

This method is suitable for people who are far away from the Internet and do not use the telephone very often - seniors, who are used to the old ways.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video #1. Transmitting data on the Energosbyt website:

Video #2. Example of transmitting readings by telephone:

Video #3. What to do if it is difficult to call:

Transmitting meter readings is the responsibility of all electricity users. To do this quickly and easily, it is important to choose the most convenient way.

To get used to giving the meter readings and paying the utility bills on time, there will be no problems with the authorities that ensure the comfort of the household.

Tell me how do you transfer the data from the electricity meter? Share useful information on the subject of the article. Please leave comments, post pictures, and ask questions in the box below.

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