How To Connect A Chandelier To A Two-Way Switch: A Detailed Description

Even the most original lighting fixture needs a power supply. In order to use electricity efficiently and to realize interesting lighting ideas, a 2 or 3-button switch is often used.

To realize this solution it is not necessary to call an electrician, you can figure out how to connect the chandelier to the 2-button switch and try to do all the work yourself.

The idea of saving money is attractive, but you have never done this kind of work and are afraid to make some mistakes? We will help you - in this article we will consider a detailed instruction on how to connect a chandelier to a switch with two keys. In addition, we will give step by step photos of the installation process, providing them with a detailed description. And for beginners we will add video clips showing how to connect the chandelier.

Content of the article:

  • Features of two-level light control
  • Step-by-step wiring instructions
    • Step #1 - preparing to do the installation
    • Step #2 - making sure the switch is connected correctly
    • Step #3 - providing wiring
  • Common wiring mistakes
  • Conclusions and useful video on the subject

Features of the 2-level light control

The brightness of all 9 to 12 electric bulbs in the same room. Sometimes you want to create a romantic atmosphere by turning on 2-3 plafonds of an exquisite chandelier. They allow you to get a dim light, ideal for intimate conversations in the evening.

The subtlety of the light bulb control depends on the switch - if you put a two-channel switch, you can effectively divide the chandelier possibilities, forming 2 light groups. This method allows you to create a deeper light composition, and the two buttons allow you to control the amount of light according to your wishes.

In addition to this, you also get the added benefit of saving:

  • electric energyfor a small group of light bulbs;
  • the resource of the light bulbs themselvesfor a certain amount of time;
  • a wall space - the double light switch takes less space than two single light switches.

You can also choose to connect the chandelier yourself. In order to do this you first have to choose the most suitable switch model from the wide range offered by many manufacturers.

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Control with remote control

Single light switch with sockets

The right double light switch and its correct connection help to control the light in the room. True, you still need to create optimal groups of bulbs that make up the chandelier.

In this matter, everything will depend on the number of points that emit light and the presence of additional fixtures in the room. And the model also plays a role: if it is a multilevel product, it is advisable to connect the bulbs of the upper floor of the chandelier to one of the keys, and all the remaining ones to the second one.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

Lately, in the pursuit of creating an original atmosphere in the house, users choose retromodels that allow to emphasize the refinement and uniqueness of the interior

Form groups can be formed as you wish, but the total number of lamps of the device should be considered - the more there are, the more variations can be created.

So for a product with 12 light emitters the following variants are relevant:

  • 3+9;
  • 4+8;
  • 5+7;
  • 6+6.

Less than 3 lamps per key is not reasonable - the room will be rather dark. For talking or watching movies, 3-4 are enough.

The last option with an equal distribution is not the best, because with 6 lamps it is inconvenient to read, knit or embroider and they use quite a lot of electricity.

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Original shape with many luminous elements

Homemade light fixture design

Step by step instructions for wiring

When the switch is purchased and the new chandelier has managed to form 2 groups of light bulbs, each controlled by its own key, you can start directly to perform the wiring work. Here it is important to pay proper attention to personal safety.

Step #1 - Preparing to do the installation

The first thing to do is to deal with all the wires. And there can be a lot of them. In order not to get lost and not to confuse anything, you have to look at them calmly and determine which one is responsible for what. For more information about the marking of wires, we wrote in this article.

You can start with the chandelier itself. It will have wires coming out of each socket and may still have a central core. It all depends on the model.

If this product is a proven manufacturer, which values its reputation and customers, it will come with a manual. It is its recommendations that should be followed during the connection work.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

Chinese chandeliers may have a division of wires by color - brown and blue. The former are responsible for the phase and the latter are the neutral

Luminaires made by Chinese firms look no less attractive than chandeliers of well-known brands. And their cost is much more attractive, which explains their popularity among consumers.

The main drawback is the lack of instructions with a wiring diagram and marking of wires. Often they can all be the same color - you have to find out for yourself which one corresponds to what.

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Use a multimeter you have to determine what wires belong. If this is the first time you will be using it, the manual will come in handy

All the neutral conductors coming out of each socket must be connected together. To do this, they are carefully twisted together, stripping the insulation from the ends by 0.8-1 cm. After twisting, put on the SIZ cap or terminal block WAGO

Then form the first group of bulbs, collecting the required number of phase wires in one batch. They are also twisted and put on a terminal block or cap, similar to the zero group of wires

There remains to assemble the second group of wires, which will be controlled by the second button of the switch. They are treated in the same way, as with the first group

Wire identification with a multimeter

All the neutral wires are twisted together

Phase wires in twist for the first group of lamps

The second group of phase wires

For the independent installation, of all the core connection variants, it is more convenient to use SIZ caps and Wago terminal blocks when connecting the chandelier.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

It is not reasonable to learn the basics of soldering or to rent equipment to do a good crimping in order to mount the chandelier properly. NIH caps are excellent at insulating the contacts and providing a tight connection

The other connection methods are only suitable for professional electricians who have the right tools and skills to do this.

It is also necessary to locate the wires coming from the switch. They can stick right out of the ceiling. Or they will have to be released by removing the old chandelier.

Either way, before carrying out work, it is important to de-energize the line to protect yourself from electric shock.

After removing the old lighting fixture and freeing the wires, they must be carefully examined for damage to the insulation. If it is intact, you should pull them apart and turn on the power to check with a screwdriver or multimeter that each wire is connected.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

There may be 3 or 4 wires coming out of the ceiling. In the first case there will be 1 neutral and 2 phase wires and in the second case another wire will be added, the ground wire. This is used to ground the chandelier body

Now you have to disconnect the line power in order to carry out further work.

Step #2 - checking if the switch is connected correctly

It is important to see if the operating mechanism of the two-button switch is connected correctly before mounting the chandelier.

To do this you must remove the front panel with the keys and take out the main part to which the wires are attached.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, the 2-button can have various markings on the back that indicate the purpose of the contacts. If a manual is available, it will be easier to understand, but if not, the numbers or letters on the back should be studied carefully.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

The product with two keys has one incoming contact for phase and two outgoing contacts. They are designated by the letters L, L1 and L2 respectively. The outgoing phase contacts can be called by the same numbers, 1 and 2

When installing a double switch yourself, it is important to connect the wires correctly. If it is already standing, you should not be lazy and unscrew it to assess the adequacy of its connection.

After getting to the working mechanism, you must inspect the insulation, check the correct connection of the cores, so that the supply from the switchboard is in contact with the letter L. And you should also pay attention so that it does not fall out of its connector and nothing dangles.

The working mechanism of the switch, wires and connections should be neat, the insulation in the right place. It is important that all wires are segregated and carefully placed in the socket, if it was used in the electrical installation.

Step #3 - providing power to the wires

Wiring from the two-button switch to the chandelier is checked, you can continue to connect it. In principle, it is clear from the color of the wires coming out of the operating mechanism which wires are sticking out of the ceiling.

They are connected to the nodes formed from the wires coming out of the horns of the light fitting.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

The scheme for connecting the chandelier to a two-button switch. Here it is important not to confuse the wires

To do this correctly, the connections must be made in peace, with the insulation well stripped.

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Many home masters without experience of soldering wires and the appropriate tool prefer to use WAGO terminal blocks to ensure a reliable connection. The figure shows the position of the presser foot: clamped (left) and unclamped (right)

If the chandelier has a common wire, consisting of 3 wires, then you have to add to the strand of each of the groups corresponding wire, and then insulate them, inserting them into the terminal block

In the free connectors WAGO appropriate strand of wire, departing from the cartridges. They will connect to the outgoing contacts of the switch. This is L1 and L2, which in the future will control each of the keys

It remains to connect the phase from each of the keys with the groups they will control. The zero is also connected to the zero Vago, by inserting it into the free connector of the terminal block

Wago terminal block to connect the wires securely

Preparing the stranded wires for connection

The strands of each group of Twist cords of each lamp group to be placed in the WAGO terminal block

Please connect the outgoing phases of the switch to the wiring groups of the chandelier

All work must be performed with protective gloves. Even a newcomer can use WAGO or PPE caps. Especially since the installation is to be done under the ceiling which is not very convenient.

When all connections are made you must carefully place the wires inside the cover of the lighting fixture.

It remains to attach the chandelier according to the model - hang it on a hook or fix it on a bracket.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

After screwing in the bulbs, you can test the product and the functionality of each of the switch keys. If everything has been done correctly, the product will operate both groups of light bulbs properly

More about the wiring diagrams and the connection rules we have considered in detail in our other article.

Common wiring mistakes

If you have wired yourself you often face questions which arise due to mistakes made during connection.

A common problem is a chandelier that does not work or does not work correctly and should be controlled by a two-key switch.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

The first sign of incorrect wiring is the lack of backlighting on the appliance. This is true for the backlit models. Therefore it is necessary to disassemble the mechanism and look where the mistake

The first thing to look at is the zero. It never comes to the switch - it goes straight from the junction box to the ceiling. If this is not the case, you need to correct the mistake by letting the zero from the box go to the chandelier, bypassing the two-key switch.

The second error is related to the neutral wire when it is connected to one of the phase connectors. Remember the rule that the zero goes directly to the lighting fixture and take it out of the phase contact.

The third error is when the incoming phase wire is connected to the outgoing left or right contact in the operating mechanism. Simply put, the connectors are mixed up in the wiring process. This is not difficult to fix - you need to unscrew the connections and insert the cores correctly, re-securing them.

Besides these mistakes the following ones are common:

  • connections are badly made: the wire hangs loose and does not make good contact;
  • wires are simply twisted together and covered with twisted tape on top: simple twisting is prohibited, wire must be covered or plugged in a bottle;
  • there is damage to the insulation of the wires;
  • the insulation is not properly removed from the connections and a tight connection is impossible.

All problems can be avoided if you carry out each process calmly and do not hesitate to double-check the work.

It should be noted that the supply wire to the chandelier from the switch does not always go through the distribution box. Variants where the phase goes straight through, bypassing it, are now gaining momentum.

In such cases, to hide all connections and wires, you can put an additional sub-socket on which a plug is placed, although not all manufacturers have such a design.

How to connect a chandelier to a two-way switch: a detailed description

The plug allows you to hide in a spare sub-socket wires and their connections. And if necessary, they are easy to access - remove the cover and inspect the wiring

Conclusion and useful video on the topic

When a novice electrician installs a chandelier himself, small problems may arise. More about this in the video:

Wiring a lighting fixture using a terminal block in the video:

A detailed instruction on using a multimeter in the video:

Wiring and checking the chandelier controlled by a two-way switch:

Following the nuances of electrical wiring when connecting the chandelier, you can do everything with your hands.

To do this, you must observe the safety regulations and correctly connect all the wires, after having divided the light bulbs in two groups, each group controlled by one of the keys.

You have successfully connected the light fixture to the double light switch and want to share your experience with other users? Or maybe you made a mistake during installation, then successfully corrected it, and now you want to warn other home masters who have no experience in electrical installation work about it? Write your tips and comments and ask questions in the comment box below this article.

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