Gas Water Heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): Technical Characteristics Of The Model Range, The Device, Pros And Cons, Table Parameters

The Zanussi gas heater operates with natural gas. It quickly heats water to the desired temperature. Small size, weight of Zanussi water heaters models allow their installation in apartments, houses, office premises.

General description of the model range

The Italian technology used in the production of Zanussi gas water heaters is characterized by reliability, quality. The body is made of metal, but on some models there is a glass lining. It has temperature and power regulation knobs and a display that shows the set parameters.

Gas water heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): technical characteristics of the model range, the device, pros and cons, table parameters

Gas water heater by Zanussi

Watch the flame on the gas burner through a window on the front. The Zanussi water heater is connected to 2 water intake points. But the manufacturer recommends one, so it is more comfortable to operate.

All Zanussi water heaters are produced with a multi-stage safety system. The operating units are equipped with built-in sensors. Zanussi models are triggered when the hot water tap is opened. When it is closed, the system cuts off the water, the gas supply, and shuts off.


The Zanussi gas water heater is of excellent build quality. It is composed of these components:

  • copper heat exchanger;
  • heat-resistant steel burner;
  • safety sensors;
  • water and gas connection pipes;
  • flue pipe;
  • fixtures;
  • casing with temperature and power adjustments as well as an LED display.

The heat exchanger is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating. Heating up is done automatically:

  • the tap is opened;
  • heat exchanger receives the cold heat carrier;
  • the burner is started;
  • heat carrier is heated up and flows out.

Before installing the Zanussi gas appliances, a plan for their location is drawn up. It is coordinated with the gas utility. The Zanussi gas heater is to be connected only by employees of the appropriate service. According to the instructions for the water heaters, the following demands are placed on the premises:

  • volume over 8 m³;
  • good ventilation;
  • facing surfaces in heat-resistant materials.

It is prohibited to place heating appliances under Zanussi appliances; access must be ensured from all sides. After installation, check the tightness of the connections, the draught, start up. 

Gas water heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): technical characteristics of the model range, the device, pros and cons, table parameters

The Zanussi Forte gas boilers

The first start-up is performed by the gas service technician, making a note in the warranty card. The first ignition process takes longer than usual because the heat exchanger is vented first.


This important element is made from heat-resistant steel by the Italian manufacturer. Initially the burner is set for natural gas, but by changing the nozzles, it can be connected to liquid fuel as well. The temperature regulation is manual as there is no flame modulation system. 

The burner switches off automatically if the no draught, water overheating sensors are triggered. The ignition is powered by finger-size batteries, which must be changed regularly.

A small window is located on the case so that the flame can be observed. Perfect combustion is uniform, with a blue color fire. If yellow tongues or soot appear, the burner is cleaned. To do this, turn off the burner, disassemble it. The burner is cleaned from soot, dust, washed with soap solution. At the same time the electrodes are checked. All elements are dried and assembled.

Before starting up the connections, draught, gas and water supply are checked. This process is carried out so that soot does not accumulate in the combustion chamber, heat exchanger. In case of such blockages there is a risk of gas poisoning.

Technical characteristics

All Zanussi equipment is adapted to Russian conditions and works at minimum water pressure. The oxygen-free copper heat exchanger does not oxidize and does not emit hazardous substances when heated.

The display on the casing informs about the temperature, power. The boilers work automatically when you open/close the hot water tap. Built-in safety system provides comfort in use. It triggers in case of poor draft, high water temperature, high gas pressure, water pressure, sudden flame out. Models up to 24 kW are able to heat at a rate of up to 12 l/min.

In order to prolong the life of the heater the manufacturer recommends:

  • annually carrying out the maintenance;
  • fitting the respective filter elements;
  • cleaning the water heater surface from dust and traces of burning;
  • re regularly changing the batteries in the ignition.

In order to prevent scale formation it is recommended to wash the heat exchanger with a solution of citric acid once every six months.

Gas water heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): technical characteristics of the model range, the device, pros and cons, table parameters

In case of faults, breakages, spare parts for the Zanussi gas heater are always available at the service centers that perform repairs. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to 5 years for water heaters.

If the heater is installed in an unheated room, then for the winter it is important to drain water from pipes, water heater, dry elements.

Table parameters

The range of flow-through water heaters Zanussi is represented by 5 models. They differ slightly in parameters, therefore, for convenience, they are considered in the comparative table.

Gas water heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): technical characteristics of the model range, the device, pros and cons, table parameters

All the speakers are equipped with electronic ignition, small in size, mounted on the wall. Power up to 24 kW, capable of heating up to 12 litres/minute. The range is presented in white, but variants with glass coating, drawing are possible.

Benefits and disadvantages

As with any equipment, Zanussi models have pros and cons. The main advantages are:

  • easy operation;
  • quality assembly;
  • multile protection system;
  • low gas consumption;
  • quiet operation;
  • long warranty;
  • low pressure operation possibility.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • lack of flame modulation system;
  • heats the case during operation;
  • only 1 model below 20 kW.

The gas heaters may malfunction during use:

  1. The water heater does not turn on. Check to see if the taps are open, change the batteries on the ignition.
  2. Bad water heating. Often caused by limescale on the heat exchanger, as well as prolonged operation at low power.
  3. The boiler shuts down. No draught, water too hot.
  4. It smells. Turn off the device, call the gas service.

Gas water heaters Zanussi (Zanussi): technical characteristics of the model range, the device, pros and cons, table parameters

Zanussi Italian water heaters are simple, comfortable in everyday life. They are characterized by fast heating, good power, performance. The comfort of using the heater is achieved by built-in sensors that constantly monitor the work of the gas equipment. It is possible to connect to both natural and liquefied gas. They take up little space, which allows them to be installed in apartments.

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