Can I Install A Gas Boiler In The Bathroom? Safety Requirements And Standards

Owners of country property often have a question at the design stage of the heating system: Are there regulations allowing the installation of a gas boiler in the bathroom or should this location be immediately excluded?

You will not believe it, but the question is really important, so further we will help you to understand - are there any limiting regulations or not, and is it worth arguing with the gas company in court for the right to install a boiler in the bathroom or is it a waste of time.

Article Contents:

  • Why a heating boiler in the bathroom?
  • Rules and regulations
    • Reasons for banning boiler installation
    • Ways around the ban
    • Liability for breaking the ban
  • If you really want a boiler in the bathroom?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Why a heating boiler in the bathroom?

A very strict standards and rules apply to gas-using equipment. They describe literally every step of installation and every square meter needed to get permission to put the device into operation.

The most logical to install a gas boiler in boiler room, but not every house or apartment owner can afford to allocate extra square meters. That's why most often it takes its place in the kitchen.

But now there is a fashion for stylish modular sets, in the design of which boilers do not fit well. Besides, due to the same square footage, not everybody can afford a separate dining room for a noisy feast, and again the boiler can prevent active gatherings with friends.

Can I install a gas boiler in the bathroom? Safety requirements and standards

In studio type apartments the installation of gas appliances is prohibited, as the kitchen area communicates with the living room. The only possibility for gasification of such a room could be to install the equipment in the bathroom, but this option is prohibited by current legislation

And there could be many reasons why the kitchen is not suitable for the owners to install boilers in it. It could be a lack of square footage, a studio apartment, fear of fire or that a small child will fit into the appliance when sharing a cooking space, and so on.

The conclusion is that, in fact, many people want to use their bathroom as a boiler room.

Rules and regulations

The position of SNiP 2.04.08-87 regarding this location of gas appliances was categorical - 100% prohibited. However, as in subsequent editions, except SNiP for 2002. Such placement has always been considered unacceptable by specialists.

And the last document that put a bold end to this issue is the current SP 402.1325800.2018 \"Residential Buildings. Rules for the design of gas consumption systems\". In it, paragraph 5.6 states that gas-using equipment cannot be placed specifically in bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

We note that this document is mandatory and, in principle, no more documentation regulating the rules and regulations for the installation of such devices is required. It is also worth mentioning that the manuals for some boilers contain instructions prohibiting their installation in the above mentioned premises.

Causes of the ban on boiler installation

It is clear from the documents, but what guided those who drafted the rules and regulations and is there a reasonable explanation as to why the boiler should not be installed in the bathroom and for what reason?

Gas equipment of any kind has metal parts that can oxidize when in contact with a humid environment.

Can I install a gas boiler in the bathroom? Safety requirements and standards

Even when pipes are passed through wet rooms, bathrooms and toilets are made of metal polymer pipes or of copper pipes in order to avoid corrosion and deterioration

Unobservance of these rules is already one of the main risks of rapid wear of the equipment. But, in addition, modern appliances have electronics that will tolerate contact with water very hard or will not tolerate at all.

Naturally, all these factors, plus a constant change in temperature regime, will negatively affect the boiler, but, most likely, will simply put it out of operation. But if oxidation of contacts occurs, e.g. thermocouple, it is a clear danger of explosion.

But not every bathroom will meet the requirements of the same SP 402.1325800. 2018 on:

  • room volume for gas-using equipment;
  • the presence of a light-weight window structure;
  • natural ventilation with a calculated exhaust in a three-trimester volume of air exchange;
  • a glazed window opening of 0.03 cubic meters per 1 cubic meter of room volume.

And so on.

The codes and other documentation of this kind are drawn up by professionals based on long term studies and exact calculations.

Types of getting around the ban

Some particularly smart home owners try to avoid this ban.

Even in the design phase the kitchen space in which the gas appliances are installed and registered is provided. And after commissioning they put plasterboard partitions and sanitary appliances in the room.

This is done mainly in private houses, in apartment buildings such redevelopment is often technically impossible.

Can I install a gas boiler in the bathroom? Safety requirements and standards

It is good if the gas service is full of acquaintances who will turn a blind eye to the position of the boiler during the inspection, but most likely the first visit; They will write you an act about the unacceptable location of the equipment

But at the same time the above mentioned reasons already seem reasonable enough not to do so. And We should also consider that modern gas boilers have a connection to electricity, which requires increased protection against electric shock even in an ordinary room, not to mention a humid environment.

You should understand that the safety requirements for the installation of gas-using equipment are designed to benefit&the health,life&and property of& people,and they&are&justified&from&a technical&meaning.

Liability for violation of the prohibition

If you think that placing a boiler contrary to the building regulations will cost you a maximum of requirements to do everything properly, you are mistaken.

According to CoAP RF Article 9.4 such actions are qualified as a violation of requirements in the sphere of building standards and rules which threatens at least with a fine.

Can I install a gas boiler in the bathroom? Safety requirements and standards

If you ignore the mandatory SP in the field of gas supply, you violate the contract with your supplier, which can result in disconnection from the main pipeline within 40 days after discovery of such an incident if you refuse to correct the situation or immediately in case the equipment is already faulty and life-threatening

By the way, such well-known manufacturers of boiler equipment as Valliant, Baxi, and many other world-known companies, in most cases remove the warranty on the chips of their devices installed in the bathroom or other room with high humidity.

And here is one more answer to the question: can the gas boiler be installed in the bathroom or the bathroom - nobody would want to loose the warranty repair of expensive equipment.

If you really want a boiler in the bathroom?

In general it is useless to argue with gas workers, almost never in this question they do go along. But if you want you can try to get an official permission.

For this you should make an official application in two copies to the head of the gas supplier's company. You must attach a copy of the layout of the premises.

Can I install a gas boiler in the bathroom? Safety requirements and standards

It should read something like this: \"I, Full Name, a resident of [nbsp;such address], request the authority to install a gas boiler of such brand, capacity and maximum consumption in the [nbsp;bathroom. You should also indicate in writing the volume of the room, the presence and section of natural ventilation with section, the volume of the window, the presence of the door and etc

Your application must be registered by the receiving party, a certificate of acceptance must be affixed, including your copy. The organization will send a response with the mandatory legal justification for the refusal (or permission) within 15 days.

With this document, if you are not satisfied with the decision, you can complain to the court, but, as a rule, the court leaves such claims unsatisfied. So do not get too excited.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Where and how you can install a gas boiler. About bathrooms and not only:

We have considered why you should not install a gas boiler in the bathroom room, both in terms of the law and with the concern for your safety, as well as the longevity of the equipment you purchased. Remember, saving space or aesthetics is not a prudent reason to risk your life.

And where do you have a gas boiler installed? Would you like to move it to the bathroom, or do you already have that experience? Share with us in comments and of course ask questions about the topic.

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